Sleep a nightmare

NoooYawk. NooYawk. NuYawk. NyawK. Nn..yAAWp.

Scale walls of brick and glass

Find a foothold in a joint, grab a gargoyle

Scale the sheets; Of rough concrete and slippery steel

Too polished; Wrong-fit.

Run up stairs; nail my cowardly legs, that gave out

On the 3rd floor, to the exit door

Hang my pounding heart on the rails of the 16th

Leave it there beating and dripping

Against familiar unyielding steel

Slap my mouth stuck slick with drool and escaping breath

On the red Fire box of the 30th; agape in panting wannabe scream

A forceful blowing gale meets its match on the 45th terrace

Loses and retreats. Eyes prise open in triumphant blaze

Scan lanterns in squares of gold strung by lintels and by beams

Mostly plane empty light; others filigreed with shapely mysteries

Coming. Smoking. Going. Little shapes. Big ones. Moving. Doing.

Light ascending in rows and columns of never ending desire

Reaching for the moon. Who.., washes down in broad benign glow

On the caterwauling symphony of the alleyway cats

Crowding around a dismemberment.


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