Pic courtesy: www.thealternative.in


Here again is she, time honored officiant of dawn

Wrapped in color; wet hair turbaned in light weave.

Her practiced fingers filter tracks of ground grain

Bright white spangles floated slowly down to dark wet earth.


A coordinated waltz of line following line

In spirited parallels and circular submits.

Deftly combining shapes; binding geometries

Between and inside, she finds dark empty spaces

To carefully conceal in remembrance and yearning

Known secrets and unrevealed mysteries.

The seen and the hidden; an Anubhava and a Darshana.

Some she fills with color, proposing in gentle desire;

Some she leaves alone, for His disposed grace.


Her auspicious algorithm settles down in pattern

A welcoming threshold for the day’s auguries.

As if on cue, the ants that scattered return, once more, to feed.


 Pic courtesywww.paulheathphotography.com


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