Grief as commodity

Iphone Pics - dharma, arm, nyc 233

All this talk of grief

Herehere and here.

They say they can quantify it,

Define it in time; By time.

By the hands of a clock.

By the mindless march of days.

Terrifies me.

Do I have more or less?

Bewilders me.

If they pronounce less,

If they then aver you mean less to me,

Will they also know to say by how much?


1 thought on “Grief as commodity”

  1. Dr Meena, sometimes one is provoked to leave a comment or two when overwhelmed by the beauty and deep knowledge of your verse. Worlds of meanings in them. May I say how moved I am by the elegant, poignant and simple beauty of your poetry. Indeed simplicity is the highest sophistication. Thank you, Patricia Hicks, London, UK

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