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Safe cab rides do not have to be a pipe dream

In the wake of the horrific news from Delhi of yet another rape - this time in an Uber cab - and with the terrifying knowledge that it could just as easily have been any one of us, I have compiled the following as minimum measures that are required of taxi companies to assure us …

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The Intellectual. Definitions and discontents

Post-script: And so, it seems, the FP list of thinkers for 2014 is also now released. In a new format that FP has tried for a couple of years, the list is not more than an insipid chronicle of achievers in categories – not quite the sort of list that could spur argument or discontent. …

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Bins Before Brooms, Mr. Prime Minister!

A month back, the Prime Minister launched the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) with a personal touch amidst much public fanfare. It is not a common sight to see a Head of State sweeping a public street with a broom. Even less common is it to see one such picking up and disposing the swept litter! …

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A Bull Fight In The Tamil Sangam

A little while ago, I was party to an exchange of opinions on Jallikattu with @realitycheckind – a fellow Twitter correspondent who is well read on social media for learned and incisive views on Indian Law and Policy. Jallikattu – a bull wrestling sport (not fight) – was recently banned by the Indian Supreme Court …

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A Public Health Emergency For All

This was meant to be posted yesterday but, the euphoria of Mangalyaan was so infectious that I decided to leave alone morose contemplations of health and disease for a little while. There is much too much that public health service delivery should learn from ISRO even if, the canvasses of space science and health are …

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