Hi and welcome! Since you got here with a desire to know something about who wrote what you just read; This is what I started, to collect my thoughts, after reading the Amy Chua article in the WSJ; the one on parenting that generated so much buzz.

Who am I: Meena Mohana NSwamy. Animist – I believe that the Atman/living energy exists in the obviously animate, in the not-so-obviously animate and sometimes, in the obviously inanimate too. Physician. Home and work in two countries. Indian by race and nationality. Identity – multiple and situation specific. Passionate about and committed to: animals, books and their spaces, and our natural environment.

I hope, that you liked what you read and that you come again. I hope too, that I continue to write and make no excuses for not!

Come, sit down, share my mind and your thoughts too. Thank you for reading and for the engaging marginalia!


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Simply outstanding blog – my fave by far!

  2. Hi Meena,

    Enjoyed your very well written blog. Wish you success. Can you post a link to facilitate sharing on facebook?

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