Safe cab rides do not have to be a pipe dream

In the wake of the horrific news from Delhi of yet another rape – this time in an Uber cab – and with the terrifying knowledge that it could just as easily have been any one of us, I have compiled the following as minimum measures that are required of taxi companies to assure us of the safety of their services. Much in the list is standard practice in other countries. All we need to do is simply replicate. Please send in any further ideas or suggestions. If we can get the government to mandate these simple measures and ensure that their adoption, by the cab companies, is time bound and strictly regulated, we would have journeyed a long way to make road travel a safer experience for all.  Thank you for reading.




1.      Transparent plastic secure barricade between the front of the car and the passenger section



2.      Meter to be installed in both driver and passenger sections



3.      Payment facility in the passenger section. Credit card machine and connecting slot for cash payments



4.      Driver’s Name. License, Phone Number, Address and Police Verification tag displayed in large notice stuck to the back of the front seat


Take a picture of this detail and send it (text/email) to family or friend


5.      Active and switched on in-camera surveillance



6.      Active and switched on GPS monitoring



7.      Once passenger is in the car, send text message to BOTH passenger and driver that the camera and GPS is now active and being monitored

Ensure the receipt of the text message from the taxi company confirming active surveillance and ONLY THEN allow the journey to commence

Forward this text to family or friend



Be aware of your surroundings at all times and preferably in constant phone communication with family or friend



Keep payment readily available at hand before destination