Brother-in-law brought an animated cartoon
It is better watched than told, I know; still..
The joke was on me and to my ill-concealed delight..
Of a fraggle-like child-character calling your name incessantly
Until a yell hollers in threatening response and it flees,
In relief overwhelmed by humiliated annoyance.

Countless are the times since; I have called
In empty cartoon clouds laden with unheard sound
Not daring to give them voice until I hearken
The affirmation of an echoing shout.
If silent it must be; we will be silent together.

Ah! Now, here come the walls. Swift sliding woosh-es past the silence.
Building compartments in practised haste
I survive because of these walls.
Some don’t have them that strong it seems
A fashion designer. A singer’s husband too.
Were theirs filigreed frames? Perhaps they had none.
Mine are fortressed over years; Brick by brick.
My sturdy stockades bolt down like granite
I can do nothing but wait inside them.