I want to find the words . I have to . dig them up from within from the pages of a dictionary from remembrances of learning and of experience from  somewhere; any where. And then I must make incantation necklaces string up word beads; make them fast and furious or the moment will pass; wind …

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Brother-in-law brought an animated cartoon It is better watched than told, I know; still.. The joke was on me and to my ill-concealed delight.. Of a fraggle-like child-character calling your name incessantly Until a yell hollers in threatening response and it flees, In relief overwhelmed by humiliated annoyance. Countless are the times since; I have …

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The unsung merits of Doordarshan in a consumerist age

Doordarshan Bharati is India’s PBS. Only, a more fusty version that continues to have a dedicated viewership due to the nonpareil content of its archives. It is a veritable Geniza of everything Indian – culture, language, music, arts and literature. The words, India and Indian, mean many things to each of us and the diverse …

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