Universal Health Coverage Part III: Funding and HLEG Recommendations

                                          Cooperative action on UHC dissolves on the subject of funding. The objections are easy to comprehend. First, no one wants to accept the burden of another’s rights without the guarantee of responsible utilization (a contributor to spiralling costs) and second, confidence in government’s efficiency with public spending is, at best, reluctant. This is especially …

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Grated Maya

I came upon your writing On a neatly folded sheet forgotten Between the pages of a book. Even spaced squiggles in a script I never learnt. Your usual exquisitely detailed symmetry; Measured in thought, as in speech; With not a line crossed, or an edit smudge You fill your page with a quiet conviction Ceding …

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Sleep a nightmare

NoooYawk. NooYawk. NuYawk. NyawK. Nn..yAAAWW..p. Scale walls of brick and glass Find a foothold in a joint, grab a gargoyle Scale the sheets; Of rough concrete and slippery steel Too polished; Wrong-fit. Run up stairs; nail my cowardly legs, that gave out On the 3rd floor, to the exit door Hang my pounding heart on …

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