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For, Pandit Shri. Ravishankar

“Should the music stop

Or must it play on?”

As reverence or as contrivance

Quiet your voices; your voluntary cadences

If only for a while.

Let the silence of another

Rejoin the stillness of the universe.

Pandit Ravishankar at the Kremlin–Shanthi Manthram


Om Dyauh Shanti; rAntariksham Shantih; Prithivi Shanti; rApah Shanti;                       rOshadhayah Shanthih; Vanaspatayah Shantir; Vishwedevah Shantir; Brahma Shantih; Sarvam Shantih; shantireva Shantih sama Shantiredhi.
Om Shantih, Shantih Shantih

Translation (my own):

May peace reign all around. In the heavens, the atmosphere, the earth, in water, in life-giving plants; in trees and all creatures of the forests, amongst celestial beings, in the universal principle, in all within and without. And may that same peace imbue this prayer too.